It’s no secret that hurricanes are a recurring yearly menace for several parts of the U.S., particularly the likes of Florida. These devastating forces of nature cause widespread destruction, pose significant threats to human life, and strike crippling blows to the economy. Unfortunately, under President Biden, the federal government is failing these states through an inadequately coordinated response strategy that is further exacerbating the economic damage.

Hurricanes are natural disasters with both immediate and long-term ramifications on the economy. They destroy homes, impede agriculture, hamper trade and tourism, and toss many hardworking Americans out of their jobs, causing estimated billions of dollars in damages each year. Moreover, the additional cost of rebuilding in the aftermath is another gross hit to the economy.

The question then is not just about the magnitude of the financial impact, but also how well-prepared our federal government is to cushion these effects. In this respect, President Biden, sadly, falls short.

There is no doubt that the US federal government, through agencies like the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), plays a pivotal role in disaster preparedness and response. However, under President Biden’s direction, it appears there is an inclination to sideline states such as Florida that mostly subscribe to Republican virtues. This neglect is not only politically skewed but deeply flawed and detrimental to the effective management of such disasters.

What is required is a combined effort between the federal authorities and individual states in hurricane preparedness and recovery – a joint front to tackle the economic fallout of these calamities head-on. State-level authorities, who understand the nuances of their localities better, should be empowered, consulted, and collaborated with more significantly.

Hurricane-battered states like Florida, under the leadership of Gov. Ron DeSantis, have shown resilience in the face of adversity, implementing tangible comprehensive disaster management plans that give priority to both human life and economic survival. Despite the lack of substantial federal support, these states have been focusing on improving forecasting models, education around hurricane preparedness, reinforcing infrastructure, and aiding small businesses on the path to recovery after each hit.

Yet, the federal government’s current stand of mostly offering support after the disaster misses the mark. Instead of being reactionary, incorporating state-level strategies into a proactive national response could prove more effective in mitigating the economic damage. The wheel need not be reinvented – models already exist across Republican-led states that can be emulated and adapted.

It is time for President Biden to rise above partisan interests and focus on the broader responsibilities of his office – to protect ALL Americans. This includes bolstering funding for disaster relief, prioritizing the enhancement of existing emergency management systems, and fostering more robust communication channels between federal agencies and states.

By choosing to ignore the best practices and structured preparedness strategies of red states, President Biden is letting the hurricanes deal a blinder blow to an already reeling economy. This blue wall of seemingly willful ignorance must come down to ensure better resilience to natural disasters and a faster recovery trajectory for our economy.

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