In these times of global uncertainty and strife, individuals like Florida Congressman Cory Mills (R) emerge from the shadows, encapsulating the quintessence of American courage and the heart of the MAGA movement. As the conflict between Israel and the terror group Hamas intensified, civilians across the globe felt helpless. However, conservative Michelle Smith, Senior Advisor and Scheduler of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, chose action over melancholy. Sparking the flame of rescue, she reached out to Congressman Mills to aid the rescue of Americans stranded in Israel.

Aiding fellow Americans and Israelis amid escalating tension, Mills embodied the spirit of an American hero. Jumping into action following Smith’s plea for help, he managed to rescue an astounding 32 American citizens within a short span of time. Yet, despite this major feat, the battle for safety is not over as hundreds continue to await their return home.

In the face of atrocious attacks carried out by Hamas, Mills’ mission was more than a mark of political duty. It was a passionate response fortified by his connection to his fellow Americans and Israeli brethren. Prompted by Smith’s dire call to help, his journey was a testament to the faith American civilians place in their leaders.

Commending Mills’ spirit, Smith shared her awe-inspiring experience in a post on the Facebook group, Red Dirt Texas Politics. Referring to the Congressman, she wrote, “This TRUE AMERICAN PATRIOT SAID TO ME, ‘I’m on a plane to Israel tomorrow if their flights don’t make I’m going in to get them‘… y’all himself!!! A CONGRESSMAN!!!!”

A critical link in the chain of events leading to the rescue, Smith had not previously met Congressman Mills, yet she catalyzed his mission to save the trapped citizens. She further wrote about the rescue mission, “He got on a plane from Washington DC, flew all the way to Jordan, crossed into Israel, and met my long-time friend and Pastor Todd Cox and his church group of 30 Americans in Nazareth on a bus and he rode with them to Jordan to get them all out to safety.”

Congressman Mills with Pastor Cox
Congressman Mills with Pastor Cox

Overwhelmed by the impactful actions of Mills following her phone call, she stated, “I just am walking around in shock at what this Congressman did. I’ve never met a more selfless and self-sacrificing individual, and he serves us in Congress.” Her sentiments underscore the powerful ripple effect one individual’s actions can spur.

Pastor Todd Cox of the rescued church group offered his praise for Congressman Mills, saying, “He is a true hero no doubt and a kind and generous man. Meeting us on our bus and seeing us all the way to the border and even to our hotel.” Connecting with Smith via social media, he expressed his gratitude for her instrumental role, citing “Praise God for His instruments of rescue!”

This is not Congressman Mills’ first display of valor. He previously led a successful rescue of an American family from Afghanistan during the Biden administration’s botched 2021 withdrawal. His actions reflect an ironclad commitment to his fellow Americans and embody the epitome of an American hero – a TRUE PATRIOT and a TRUE HERO. Let’s not forget to honor, remember, and be inspired by heroes like Cory Mills, whose actions truly embody the greatness of America.

This story serves as a powerful reminder of the extraordinary feats we can achieve when civilians and leaders come together in a crisis. Congressman Mills is a shining testament to the spirit of American Patriotism, and his brave actions, instigated by the concern of Michelle Smith, deserve nothing less than a medal!

Congressman Mills on the Bus
Congressman Mills on the rescue
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