In the Republican Party, we pride ourselves on standing shoulder to shoulder with the spirit of liberty, with values that have held this nation together through the thick and thin. Yet, unfortunately, it seems we have within our midst a shapeshifter, masquerading as a friend, while being anything else but – Congresswoman Claudia Tenney.

Working with the communist Yugoslav Embassy in DC, Tenney has deep-rooted ties with a system synonymous with atrocities, oppression, and totalitarian rule. To see such an ideological comrade sitting within our party’s ranks is not just a shock; it’s an open betrayal, a slap on the face of every true Republican who believes in the principles our great nation was built upon.

But Tenney’s alleged acts of treachery don’t stop at fraternizing with communists. Criminal indifference towards the grotesque deeds of Slobodan Milosevic, the butcher of the Balkans, and his crony Alexander Vucic is on her charge sheet too. She unequivocally turned her back on the sorrowful kidnapping and murder of American Bytyci brothers, another egregious act committed by Serbia under Milosevic and Vucic in 1999 during the Kosovo genocide.

This isn’t just about underplaying a humanitarian disaster spurring the extermination and rape of thousands. It’s about disregarding the tragic losses suffered by our fellow servicemen, American soldiers, and pilots who were eliminated by the very forces from Serbia that Tenney shields today.

Furthermore, Tenney seems to take perverse pleasure in supporting Serbia’s audacious procurement of arms from known adversaries-China and Russia. This act not only flouts American law, notably the CAATSA Act. These very weapons pose a grave threat to the brave American troops stationed in the Republic of Kosova, eerily echoing the past threats of Serbia during the 1999 genocide against Kosovo.

Tenney appears more than willing to willfully ignore Vucic’s public statements wishing death to America, as he holds on to his ruthless back then, proposing a blood-for-blood policy: murder of 100 Bosnian civilians for every Serbian military casualty by Bosnian freedom fighters and our US and NATO allies.

When we step back and assess Tenney’s litany of alleged actions against America, it’s hard to shake off an unsettling question: Is she a traitor? Has she compromised our national security, our military, and our principles to appease an enemy?

In a party that embodies American pride and spirit, Tenney appears to be aligning herself with enemies of our republic. Is this not an act of utter treachery, a stab in the back of every patriot who has pledged their loyalty to our flag?

As dedicated, patriotic Americans, it is crucial we reckon and confront the possible wolves in sheep’s clothing within our flock. Tenney’s actions weave a sinister narrative – one we should not overlook. We must ask ourselves, could a traitor be pulling the strings from within? It’s time we demand an answer from Congresswoman Claudia Tenney and uphold the values we so deeply cherish.

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