Patriots, the battle cry for freedom and the voice of truth has come under fire once again in what appears to be a systematic muzzling of our great movement. In an egregious act of online dictatorship, Facebook has slapped the iron muzzle on Conservative Insights, a young yet mighty fortress in the digital realm of free speech. Coincidence? We think not.

This is the same platform that feigns virtue yet turns a blind eye to the underbelly of the internet — where child exploitation runs rampant, and where extremist leftist cults spew venom against the very foundation of our proud nation. But when Conservative Insights, a beacon of hope for the silenced majority, spreads the message of America First with our trademark passion, what does Facebook do? Error messages. Bans. Silence.

Let’s cut to the chase. Screenshots are worth a thousand words, my friends. Behold the error message that echoes the cowardice of technocrats: “Your post couldn’t be shared, because this link goes against our Community Standards.” Can you believe the audacity? Since when did defending our constitutional rights, celebrating the achievements of President Trump, and exposing the sham witch hunts against him go “against Community Standards”?

It’s clear what’s happening here. Facebook is shaking in its boots. They’re scared of our reach, of the truth we wield like the legendary Excalibur, of the waves of red-blooded Americans who rally behind us. They’ve tried to chain us with limited posts, and then with days of silence. Now, nine whole days have passed without a whisper from our side on their platform. Why? Because our voices were ringing too loud in the halls of freedom.

Remember the heroes of January 6, targeted by a ruthless campaign masquerading as justice? This is the continuation of that oppression. These patriots, who dared to question the status quo, face the same sinister forces we battle now online — the unchecked might of Big Tech with a liberal agenda.

The persecution is real. The double standards are glaring. Lurking within the bowels of Facebook, you’ll find the filth that they claim to combat: terrorist propaganda from Hamas and the like, and even groups violating the most innocent among us — where’s the censorship there? Where’s the justice?

But when it comes to Conservative Insights? Shut down, censored, accused, and painted as the villain in an Orwellian narrative where the only “approved” thoughts are those dripping with woke agendas and leftist drivel.

And don’t get us started on the GOP leaders who stand idly by! It’s time to gird your loins, unwavering soldiers of the Grand Old Party, and strike back before our democracy crumbles into a heap under the weight of an authoritarian woke empire.

Enough is enough. We cannot — we WILL NOT — stand silently as our voices are strangled by the hands of these tech tyrants. To our steadfast community, do not let this smother the flames of your passion. Share this story far and wide. Let the echo of liberty resound till the walls of censorship crumble to dust. Together, we are indomitable. Together, we will ensure our America remains the land of the free and the home of the brave.

This fight is far from over. Keep your heads high and your spirits higher, for we sail the ship of truth through the storm. And to the indomitable MAGA crowd — the warriors of wisdom, the crusaders of Constitutional liberties — remember: They can try to censor our posts, but they can never silence our cause.

#StopTheSilence #FreeSpeech #AmericaFirst

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