In a world teetering on the brink of crisis, America needs stalwart leaders who understand more than just the political games played in Washington. According to our in-house private polls, a North Carolinian frontrunner for this leadership role has emerged; former DIA Officer and Congressional candidate, Matt Shoemaker. 

Outpacing the RINO candidate for whom the new district is being gerrymandered, Shoemaker brings more than just campaign promises to the table. He carries with him extensive knowledge in military intelligence and profound insight on international matters, particularly the current tumultuous situation in Israel. 

Running an anti-establishment, grassroots campaign, Shoemaker seeks to topple the status quo of DC, filled with establishment politicians engaging in endless rhetoric with barely any substantial change. “I’m here for solutions not sound bites,” he asserts firmly, laying bare his direct, no-nonsense approach. 

Seeing the financial strain on everyday Americans under the Biden administration, Shoemaker is adamant about the need to lower taxes to help the struggling economy. “We need leaders in Washington who will plant their feet in the ground and say ‘enough’,” he proclaims, highlighting the urgency for substantial financial reform.

On the explosive situation in Israel, Shoemaker holds a clear stance, as a staunch supporter of our greatest Middle Eastern ally. After this recent terror attack, his stance is as clear as ever, “The United States needs to stand by Israel over the coming weeks no matter how the media tries to spin the war against the Israelis.” Not one to gloss over the grim reality, he predicts a likely escalation and horrific counter-offensive against Hamas. 

His approach to crippling Iran’s extremist funding is through loosening the grip of soul-crushing oil prices, by flooding the global market with American oil. It’s a simple, straightforward solution that has the dual effect of crippling Iran’s finances while providing relief to Americans at the pump. 

However, his campaign is not solely focused on global fronts, Shoemaker strongly emphasizes the need for domestic security. Crime is an insidious problem in our society and Shoemaker unequivocally supports our police and first responders. With family members who are cops and first responders, he understands the sacrifices they make and chastises those who hold more sympathy for criminals than victims. His solution? Border security. “Talk means nothing without taking action,” he fires back against years of hollow promises from previous administrations. 

Shoemaker’s critique of President Biden is biting and direct. Describing him as “a sheep in sheep’s clothing,” he calls out the current Commander-in-Chief’s years of inaction and incompetence, holding him personally responsible for leaving America “ruinously unprepared” for global perils. Despite his harsh judgment of Biden, Shoemaker isn’t given over to blind fury or despair. Instead, he sees hope in the rise of a new generation, “born in the shadow of terrorism, tempered by war, disciplined by a hard and bitter peace, and proud of our ancient heritage.”

Our nation needs fresh, intelligent voices in DC. Voices like Matt Shoemaker, who understands the need for solutions, not just mere political rhetoric. Voices who respect the sacrifices of our first responders and the hardship of everyday Americans. Voices with the courage to stand against international aggression and protect our American way of life. 

Our mission at Conservative Insights is clear; we must send intelligence to DC. Even you can be of help; if you chip in just $10, that’s $10 towards this mission. Stand with Shoemaker, stand against establishment politics. Together, let’s flip this seat red and deliver a Republican majority in Congress. Visit to learn more about his campaign and follow him on Twitter at @votemjs. 

Let’s be the change our nation needs. It’s time to abandon empty dialogues, it’s time to send intelligence to DC.

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