In the Lone Star State, where steadfast support for constitutional rights and democratic principles has served as the bedrock of governance, a troubling scene unfolds that leaves one pondering; exactly when did establishment Republicans begin behaving worse than the radical left?

The swamp is real and to those fighting for justice it is more dangerous than ever.

This dire situation revolves around the embattled Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, who despite multiple failed attempts by an Orwellian faction of mainstream Republicans to dislodge him from office through democratic means, now finds himself the target of an unheard-of impeachment trial.

The timeline of events only amplifies the intensity of this political drama. Tightly following Paxton’s triumphant victory on the landslide of November 8, 2022, the establishment wielded the impeachment weapon, a blunt tool typically reserved for the most severe breaches of public trust. Undaunted by the clear mandate from the Texan electorate, the impeachment trial was initiated in the Texas House on May 27, 2023, and is set to storm the Texas Senate floor on September 5, 2023.

However, the deep-seated collusion stretches far beyond the well-spring of anonymous operatives, nestling its roots into the upper echelons of the Republican party. Enter Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, who seems hell-bent on deploying every political trick in the book to upend Paxton’s tenure.

Taking to Twitter, renowned Republican activist and author, Jack Posobiec cast a stark spotlight on the brazen favoritism festering within our ranks. “Nancy Pelosi protected Trump’s constitutional rights more than @DanPatrick has with Ken Paxton. She didn’t force Trump to testify in his impeachment. So why is @DanPatrick waiting to decide motions on Ken Paxton testifying Tuesday? Every Texan should be sounding the alarm on this,” Posobiec tweeted.

The irony is beyond bitter. To find an unexpected commonality with the Left, albeit in the worst possible context, only serves to underscore where our party seems to be headed. A direction where the blur of the lines between Republican values and Democratic duplicity becomes an all-too-evident threat to our democracy.

It seems to be a grim pivotal moment for the Republican party, one which appears to abandon its acclaim for constitutional rights and the democratic will of its electorate, opting instead for anti-democratic tactics typically ascribed to the radical left.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton

Conversely, let’s not forget that each one of us holds the power to sway this narrative. As Posobiec emphatically pointed out, every Texan – and for that matter, every American – must sound the alarm on these unwelcome developments. Let this serve as our rallying cry, a wake-up call to restore our party’s bedrock principles and cherish the power of the electorate above nefarious political machinations.

The blurred lines need to be erased immediately, for in forging strength and unity, we ensure the sanctity of our democracy and embody the true spirit of being Republican.

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