As conservatives, we long cherish our American heritage, symbolized in our majestic natural landscapes, our impeccable national parks, and our robust wildlife – a heritage President Biden seems just too willing to ignore. His policies reflect a lack of understanding regarding the importance of these iconic natural resources and their contribution to our physical and mental health. But, true conservatives know better; we understand that conserving nature keeps people healthier, and this has never been more apparent than now.

Our great Republican leaders have a long history of protecting our environment. Take, for instance, our 26th President, Teddy Roosevelt, a rugged outdoorsman and committed naturalist, who established the U.S. Forest Service and protected about 230 million acres of public land. This was the tradition that a previous candidate for the Secretary of the Interior, was expected to carry into the future.

However, there used to be a rumor making rounds within the Republican Party that President Trump, upon learning her negative views towards conservation, made the decision to change his initial candidate for Secretary of the Interior. Trump, like all true conservatives, understands this fundamental truth – our great country’s well-being is intrinsically linked to the health and preservation of our natural heritage.

Contrast this with President Biden’s environmental policies – policies that seem more designed to fulfill political agendas than ensure the wellbeing of our nation. His shutdown of the Keystone Pipeline, while promoted as a win for the environment, led to the loss of thousands of jobs. Why prioritize temporary political correctness over the livelihood of thousands of Americans, and the long-term benefits of a balanced approach to energy and conservation?

Besides, where is the thoughtful approach to alternative energy solutions that could both protect the environment and sustain jobs? It is clear that Biden’s administration is more in the throes of political expediency rather than a genuine commitment to our nation’s people and conservation.

For the conservative, the connection between our natural heritage and public health is not simply a fad or a catchy political tagline. Conserving nature – our parks, forests, rivers, and wildlife – is a serious task that does not just preserve the beauty of our nation but keeps our people healthier.

Our national parks offer places for recreation and relaxation, contributing significantly to our mental health. Our forests, while helping to regulate climate, act as our lungs, filtering harmful pollutants and providing us with clean, fresh air. Our rivers and oceans are not merely physical features on a map, but life-giving ecosystems that contribute to our balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

Therefore, conserving these natural resources should be a non-negotiable priority, not an item on Biden’s agenda that can be sacrificed for optics and political correctness.

For us, the task is clear. We must make every effort to conserve our conservation tradition, reject policies that undermine our natural heritage, and continually affirm that a healthy America depends on a healthy environment. Our ambitions for a prosperous nation must run parallel with our endeavors to preserve and cherish what Mother Nature has so generously bestowed upon us. In this, we shall challenge and overcome the failing policies of President Biden.

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