Underneath the guise of flashy restaurant reviews and storefront recommendations lies Yelp’s insidious and flagrantly biased agenda — a deep-seated favoritism toward Marxist, pro-abortion sentiments, and a flagrant disregard for the rights of pregnant women.

This revelation comes on the heels of a courageous lawsuit filed by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton against the online reviewing platform. Paxton’s efforts specifically address Yelp’s discriminative practices towards pregnancy resource centers which provide invaluable aid and counseling to pregnant women.

Yelp, in a brazen act of misinformation, appended misleading language to listings of pregnancy resource centers, claiming these facilities “typically provide limited medical services and may not have licensed medical professionals onsite.” Such a statement is not just ethically abominable, but factually incorrect. These centers, contrary to Yelp’s unfounded claims, do often offer medical services provided by licenced medical professionals.

Despite requests for corrections from these centers, Yelp remained unyielding, keeping up this deceptive disclaimer. Yelp’s calculated misinformation goes further into the realm of hypocrisy as the company refrained from attaching a similar disclaimer to abortion providers’ pages, many of whom actually practice without licensed medical professionals onsite.

This pattern of behavior is a blatant show of Yelp’s sinister blueprint — to promote abortions, suppress alternative paths such as counseling and support, and to ultimately exercise a form of Marxist-influenced population control. This agenda is not only directly at odds with American values, but it is arguably an assault on the life of the unborn, pregnant women, and the integrity of the family unit.

Yelp’s radical statement doesn’t stop at misinformation. Yelp’s CEO, emboldened by a lack of restraint, has been no-less-than vocal about his company’s intention to “take action” following the Supreme Court’s 2022 Dobbs decision. His outspoken support for pro-abortion initiatives, increasingly partisan exercise of business influence, and hypocritical indifference towards centers supporting pregnant women expose an insidious underbelly lurking behind the façade of a mere review platform.

But all hope is not lost for American families. Standout leaders like Attorney General Paxton are challenging this narrative, reinforcing the sanctity of life and the rights of pregnant women to receive full and accurate information about their options. Every woman, regardless if they are for or against abortion, deserves the right to comprehensive counseling, information and support.

“Yelp cannot mislead and deceive the public simply because the company disagrees with our state’s abortion laws,” stated General Paxton, drawing a justifiably hard line. “Major companies cannot abuse their platforms and influence to control consumers’ behavior, especially on sensitive health issues like pregnancy and abortion.”

It is our duty as Americans to rally behind such leadership and to show pregnant women and their children the love and support they deserve — just as we help those struggling with alcohol break free into sobriety. It is this compassionate approach that truly defines our American spirit, in powerful contrast to Yelp’s assault on these freedoms. We celebrate our firm stance as a community that is pro-life, pro-freedom, pro-choice, and pro-women’s support. And we will fight tirelessly against those who endanger these ideals.

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