In what seems to be another politically motivated attack against the 45th President of the United States, The Attorney General of New York, Letitia James, has launched a $250 million lawsuit against Donald J. Trump. This unfolding legal drama is yet another chapter in the ceaseless witch hunt aimed at discrediting and dismantling the Trump Organization and staining the legacy of what many of us regard as one of our nation’s most effective presidents.

Simply put, AJ James’s allegations are nothing but a continuation of the witch hunt introduced during Trump’s presidency. There’s no denying that her election campaign was highly targeted on an anti-Trump platform. It’s clear that this “radical-left attorney general” leveraged her targeted threats of litigation against Trump to garner votes.

Despite these allegations, the Trump Organization remains an emblem of the American Dream, indicative of the “American success story”. Trump’s legal spokeswoman, Alina Habba described the judge’s ruling as “fundamentally flawed at every level”.

As proceedings unfold, it’s paramount to consider the biases at play. Judge Arthur Engoron, who readily rejected President Trump’s plea for a trial delay, has been blasted by our former president as a “rogue judge”. He has been accused of carrying out personal vendettas and demonstrating clear contempt for his own court system.

Moreover, Trump’s critics seem to forget that a New York Appeals Court back in June 2023, narrowed down James’ civil lawsuit against the Trump family, dismissing Ivanka Trump as a defendant. It seems like their aim, of discrediting the Trump family at large, failed in the court of law previously. It wouldn’t surprise us to see this recent attempt meet the same fate.

One important detail that stands out is Trump’s use of his Fifth Amendment rights during the first deposition in August 2022. A fact conveniently overlooked is his subsequent cooperation during the second deposition in April 2023.

Efforts by biased media houses to paint President Trump as evasive can’t negate the truth that he stood his ground and responded to their questions. President Trump’s unwavering commitment to truth and transparency continues to shine.

In a recent fiery display, President Trump called out his accusers, denouncing this trial as yet another opportunistic attempt to undermine him on the political stage. He held firm to his stance, making it crucial for us to revisit some important facts around this saga.

In this political vendetta disguised as a legal proceeding, the victim is not AJ James, but the Trump Organization and its millions of loyal supporters. We call on patriots across the nation to stay informed, remain skeptical of the mainstream media’s spin on this farcical trial, and stand with our president as he endures another episode of this relentless witch hunt. We must stand united against this attempt to override the will of the people. Spread the word, let’s make this go viral. Together we can fight against this politically-motivated attack on our beloved President. After all, in Trump’s own words, “It’s an American success story.” We second that.

Stand with us. Stand with Trump. Fight this witch hunt.

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