September 11th, 2001 – a date that will forever be ingrained in our hearts and history. The day when our great nation, founded on the values of liberty, democracy and faith, faced an unprecedented assault on these very ideals.

As conservatives, as staunch believers in Reagan’s way and the guiding principles of God, family, and freedom, we were as deeply affected by the events of that fateful day as every American citizen. Our faith was tested, yet it did not waver. It became the fortress from which we rallied, rising from the ashes stronger than ever.

Today, we choose to remember not just the tragedy, but also the wave of unity that it sparked across our nation and across religious lines. The forces of terror may have sought to divide us, but they succeeded only in bringing us closer.

We particularly wish to acknowledge our brethren across the world, who promptly and wholeheartedly stood by us in the face of this global menace of terror. We were united by the shared values instilled in us by the God of Abraham, and our collective resilience shone brightly in the darkness that followed 9/11. Nations from Christian United Kingdom and France, to Muslim Saudi Arabia and Jordan, all the way to our Jewish friends in Israel, -all stood united in our War on Terror.

Like us, these nations recognised the sinister intentions of the threats rising from the shadows in corners of the globe, particularly nurtured by the godless regimes of Communist China and Russia. Threats that were not just to our lands but to the ideals we hold dear – the holy connection with God and the fundamental right to freedom.

Through this shared vigilance, we found common ground with many nations around the world. Their resolve mirrored ours, strengthening our conviction that together, we can resist any threat that looms over our shared religious beliefs.

The War on Terror became a unifying battle cry, rallying nations around the world to stand firm against terror and the divisive forces of terrorism, a very violent manifestation of what is in fact atheism, -Satan’s work to divide and conquer over believers. In this war, there was no ambiguity. We knew our enemies – they were those who sought to destabilize, divide, and destroy all that we hold sacred.

As we remember the tragedy of 9/11, we must remember and cherish this unity that was born out of adversity. This unity that transcends political boundaries. This unity that was inspired by the shared love for God, our families, and our freedom.

So, we’re not just mourning the lives lost on 9/11 today, but also celebrating the unconquerable spirit of unity that emerged from its ashes, much like Jesus when he was reborn. Strengthened by our faith, we stand united, firing a beacon of hope across the globe, emphasizing that collectively, believers can thwart any attempt to undermine our shared values and sacred faith.

As we pay homage to the brave souls lost on that fateful morning, let us also honor and nurture the unity born out of that tragedy. For it is our most potent weapon. With it, we stand stronger, we stand taller, and our spirits glow brighter, illuminating the path to a future where faith prevails over terror, and unity triumphs over division.

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