Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman, a Democrat, elicited boos and verbal attacks from anti-Israel protesters when walking past them waving an Israeli flag.

Boos and shouts of “Shame!” were thrown at Fetterman as he exited the building, waving the Israeli flag while passing progressive protesters from the veterans group About Face calling for a cease-fire amid Israel’s war against the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas.

Several protesters were in the process of being arrested outside the Russell Senate Office Building as Fetterman walked by, while others — including one wearing a keffiyeh, a symbol of Palestinian nationalism — shouted at the senator from behind police tape.


“What a joke!” one protester yelled as Fetterman passed by them. Another accused Fetterman of supporting “genocide.”

Fetterman, however, laughed off the criticism, continuing to wave the Israeli flag and walking off as the protesters chanted for a cease-fire.

One protester was heard at the end of the video shouting that Fetterman was “doing a disservice to Pennsylvania.”

“Jacka– [Fetterman] saw veterans getting arrested and laughed,” tweeted About Face, the progressive, anti-war veterans group that called for the National Guard to “stand down” to Black Lives Matter protests in 2020.

“We asked to see [Senator Kirsten Gillibrand],” About Face continued. “We were put in cuffs.”

“We need leaders who listen to veterans demanding a [cease-fire],” the group added.

Fetterman’s office did not immediately respond to Fox News Digital’s request for comment. Neither did Gillibrand’s office or About Face.

Fetterman, a progressive Democrat, has been a staunch ally of Israel amid the war sparked by the October 7 surprise terrorist attacks on Israeli civilians by Hamas.

The senator’s support for Israel has put him at odds with many in the progressive wing of the Democratic Party.

Fetterman, who had a stroke while on the campaign trail, jabbed at a pro-Hamas activist who heckled him over his pro-Israel stance, saying the “joke” was on the protester because Fetterman “can’t fully understand what you’re saying.”

A pro-Palestinian former adjunct law professor from Pittsburgh confronted Fetterman over his stance at a bar over Halloween weekend.

The professor was eventually thrown out of the bar by a man dressed in a John Fetterman Halloween costume.

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