Embattled New York GOP Rep. George Santos received his House Ethics Committee investigation report ahead of its public release, Fox News has learned.

Santos was presented with the results of investigation into his conduct on Wednesday.

House rules dictate that the subject of an investigation has the right to see the results of the investigation 24 hours before it is released publicly.


This means that the report could be released publicly as early as Thursday morning.

Fox News Digital has reached out to Santos’ office for comment. 

Santos escaped being expelled from the House of Representatives earlier this month after a group of his fellow New York Republicans spearheaded an effort to boot him.

The final vote fell 213-179 against expelling Santos, with 19 lawmakers voting “present.” Expelling a member of the House, something that is historically rare, requires a vote of two-thirds of all members present.

Two dozen Republicans voted to expel Santos, while 31 Democrats voted to keep him in the House.

“There’s more Democrats in this body that believe in the rule of law than there are Republicans. That’s what you should know,” Santos told reporters after the vote.

“I am fighting to clear my name. I am fighting for due process.”

The New York Republicans who led the expulsion effort were Anthony D’Esposito, Nick LaLota and Mike Lawler.

Santos spoke in his own defense earlier on the House floor, accusing the Republicans who moved against him of playing “judge, jury and executioner.”

“Efforts taken by other members in this body to act as jury and executioner are unconscionable and reckless to our Republican system of government and to the integrity of this body,” Santos said.

“I stand today to continue to prove my innocence of these allegations and charges leveled against me. I’d like to say I understand the point of view of my colleagues, but I don’t. One can’t say that they are pro-Constitution and at the same time act as judge, jury and executioner. Where is the consistency?”

Santos was the only member of Congress to speak in his defense during debate ahead of the resolution.

The scandal-plagued Republican was charged with conspiracy, wire fraud, making false statements, falsification of records, aggravated identity theft and credit card fraud last month. He faces a total of 23 charges.

Fox News’ Elizabeth Elkind contributed reporting.

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