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What’s happening:

– Third GOP speaker nominee drops out of race after three weeks without House leader. Get the latest updates on the House speaker race from Fox News’ live blog

– House returns Tuesday evening to select another nominee for House speaker…

– US officials say at least 33 Americans have been killed in the Israel-Hamas war. Follow Fox News for the latest updates on the conflict. 

The third House Republican to win his party’s nomination for speaker withdrew Tuesday hours after winning the title. Rep. Tom Emmer withdrew his name from the speaker race before calling a House floor vote. 

Republicans remain divided about who should lead the party since Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s historic ousting three weeks ago. Emmer dropped out shortly after former President Trump called him a “globalist RINO.”

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Quote of the day: 

“So the consensus is unless it changes, you stay here all night until we pick somebody”

-Rep. Ralph Norman, R-S.C. on the Tuesday evening GOP conference meeting to find a speaker

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