Representative Jamaal Bowman has demonstrated in no uncertain terms what the contemporary left is all about with his brazen, unapologetic, and reckless action. On a typical Saturday, Bowman pulled the fire alarm at the Cannon House Office, disrupting proceedings and violating one of the basic rules of the esteemed institution of the US Congress. Despite the inexcusable action, Bowman virtually walks free, displaying an obnoxious double standard within our justice system.

The aftermath of Bowman pulling the fire alarm has been a debate steeped in hypocrisy. If an average citizen had committed the same act, be assured, they’d face immediate arrest. Yet Bowman continues to roam freely, unencumbered by the wave of backlash that has rightfully followed his audacious act.

Reflect on former President Donald Trump’s pages long list of trumped-up charges, which are not only being pursued but used to vilify him at every turn. Coincidentally, the charges were pressed by the same crowd that now turns a blind eye to Bowman’s alarming antics.

Trump’s position on this issue couldn’t be clearer. On his social media platform, Truth Social, he demanded justly, “Will Congressman Jamaal Bowman be prosecuted and imprisoned for very dangerously pulling and setting off the main fire alarm system?” He proceeded to call Bowman’s act a “horrible display of nerve and criminality,” a statement that resonates with every patriot who believes in upholding law and order.

Furthermore, the former president minced no words when he demanded a trial for Bowman. “HE MUST SUFFER THEIR SAME FATE. WHEN WILL HIS TRIAL BEGIN???” he asked unabashedly. A question that echoes within the halls of Congress. Yet, thus far, a resounding silence has been the response.

The saga began when Bowman triggered the alarm on a door at the Cannon House Office while other Democrats allegedly attempted to delay a vote. He admitted to activating the alarm, but argued he was merely trying to open the door. An action that, if true, shows a staggering lack of sensibility, considering the clear signs and alerting messages that typically accompany such alarm systems.

Shortly thereafter accepting responsibility for the act, Bowman issued an apology, stating regret for any confusion caused. But excuses and apologies can’t erase the blatant disregard for order and the potential danger caused by his downright irresponsible action.

Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy equated Bowman’s move to actions of January 6th Capitol riot, deeming the incident an embarrassment and insisting that it not go unpunished—not just by words but by action. The House Ethics Committee must investigate the incident, for this is not a petty act to be dismissed lightly, but a grave incident that demands stern action.

Meanwhile, as Bowman remains unaccountable for his actions, Trump continues to face a slew of legal issues—the scale tipped against conservatives is glaring. If convicted of every weirdly exaggerated charge, Trump could face an astounding 641 years in prison.

Bowman’s fiasco serves as a stark reminder of the double standards that persist within our institutions. It’s not just an alarm that Bowman pulled—it’s the mask off the duplicity of the left, unveiling their unquenchable thirst for power, their indifference, and their readiness to break the rules to serve their purposes while demanding adherence from others. It’s a double standard that can’t and shouldn’t be ignored by anyone that values fairness, justice, and the rule of law.

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