One of the most contentious issues of our time is the unprecedented level of migration being witnessed worldwide. From our southern border to the shores of Europe, a sea of humanity is on the move, seeking refuge and better prospects. The underlying cause of this migration crisis is a myriad of failed foreign policies, exacerbated under President Biden’s administration.

President Biden’s inaction and wavering diplomacy have fanned the flames of turmoil, forcing millions to flee their homes. One glaring example is found in the tumultuous state of Venezuela, whose citizens are enduring the brunt of economic collapse, political instability, and public insecurity. Under Biden, the US turned a blind eye to the ruthless Nicolas Maduro regime, refusing to adopt stringent measures to hold them accountable for their human rights abuses and systemic crisis. This passive approach has indirectly forced millions to abandon their homeland and seek life-saving refuge in neighboring countries.

In Russia, we’ve seen the muscular demeanor of Putin growing menacingly while our president just stands by. An aggressive Russia does not only threaten European stability but creates an environment that incites people to seek safer grounds. Staying silent on a bully only emboldens their harmful tactics and jeopardizes countless innocent lives. Yet, Biden seems fine wrapping himself in a cocoon of pacifism while the common people bear the brunt.

In our immediate neighborhood, Mexican cartels are running rampant, and the reign of terror has intensified under Biden’s watch. By not taking a firm stance against these criminal operations, the current administration indirectly contributes to skyrocketing crime rates, economic instability, and mass displacements, which inevitability leads to more illegal crossings into the United States.

It’s clear that a weak US foreign policy has contributed to much suffering, death, and consequent mass migration. To mitigate this, the US needs to not just be reactive but extremely proactive in it’s foreign policies. It’s crucial we fully support democratic forces abroad, even arming them and deploying the military when necessary to ensure these nations remain free and democratic. Such a proactive approach minimizes the threat to global peace and helps prevent global migration.

In the current state, the Biden administration’s lopsided and lackadaisical foreign policies don’t just put the US at risk, but burden us with the aftermath – a border crisis. It’s upon our leaders to rectify these mistakes before we are overwhelmed, not just by the weight of border crossings, but by the weight of our failed policies. A strong, proactive and conservative foreign policy is the only sure way to protect American interests at home and abroad. It’s time President Biden comprehends this reality before more innocent lives are forced to pay the price.

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